var. of OXY-(2).

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I. combining form or oxo-
Etymology: French, from oxygène oxygen — more at oxygen
1. : containing oxygen — especially in the names of various cyclic compounds


2. usually oxo- : containing oxygen in a carbonyl group specifically regarded as formed by replacement of two hydrogen atoms in a methylene group by oxygen — in names of ketones or compounds (as heterocyclic compounds) that are not true ketones because the carbonyl group is not attached to two carbon atoms

oxo-acetic acid



— distinguished from oxy-; compare ket-
II. combining form
Etymology: by shortening


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a combining form meaning "containing oxygen": oxazine.
[short for OXYGEN]

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comb. form variant spelling of oxy- II reduced before a vowel (as in oxazole)

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a formative of chemical terms.
1. = oxy- from oxygen; as in ox- or oxyacetic, -acid; oxanthracene, oxiodic, etc.
2. A shortening of oxal-, as in oxamic, oxaldehyde, oxamide, oxanilic.
3. Form of oxa- before a vowel.

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